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EPOCH... It's About Time

Let's Live It!

At Epoch, we nod to the food and beverage trends of the past and re-imagine them. We are inspired by the gastropub movement that shook the culinary world in the 90s. Our concept re-defines pub culture and pays homage to innovative British dining.

New Year's Eve Gala

We are excited to welcome you to ring in 2023 with EPOCH at The Ritz-Carlton Toronto. Your celebration begins with a cocktail & a selection of snacks to the sounds of our flamenco guitarist & DJ duo. A five-course meal ensues and a saxophonist joins the DJ to create an epicurean & extravagant evening. A champagne toast follows, and the venue will evolve from an elegant dinner venue to an energetic social.

The Ritz Carlton Toronto Hotel restaurant EPOCH Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Join us for our Afternoon Tea experience. Offering a little something savoury, something sweet, and an extensive selection of loose leaf white, black, green and herbal blended leaf blended teas.

Prime Rib

Sunday Supper

At EPOCH Bar & Kitchen Terrace, we invite you to join us for our Sunday Supper experience from 5PM to 10PM. Our talented culinary team will meticulously prepare a prime rib roast with the final preparations completed tableside, paying homage to the midcentury American chophouse.

EPOCH Bar & Kitchen Terrace Toronto Ritz-Carlton Restaurant Patio Bar Dining Room Chef Jeff Crump

Cocktail Menu {Edition No. 4} showcases the evolution of our cocktail program which respects a notable past full of tradition, but with modern interpretations and a nod to classic cinema. Fresh, seasonal and local ingredients with added emphasis on sustainability create an experience highlighting a natural progression in flavour, depth and complexity.

Jon Neill

Head Mixologist

The cuisine at EPOCH Bar & Kitchen Terrace reimagines traditional British gastrobar dishes with modern flavours. The ingredients are grown with care and cooked with conviction ensuring the guest experience is second to none.

Jeff Crump

Restaurant Chef

EPOCH Bar & Kitchen Terrace Toronto Head Chef Jeff Crump

We aim to create cocktails that transport you to another time or place and spur your imagination and allow you to reminisce.

Seamus Dooley

Restaurant & Bar Manager

It's about time...dive in!

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